Welcome to Antik Technology

Security notice: In the wake of the recent security mishaps of the traditional Certification Authorities we've decided to create a Certification Authority of our own. Since the browser manufacturers don't know about it yet (so it's not included in their default trust stores) a little help is needed from you. All you need to do is to download the certificate of our Issuing Certification Authority (Antik Technology Class 1 CA) and import it in your trust store. Some systems may require a complete certification chain so we also provide the certificate of our Root CA (Antik Technology Root CA).

Warning: please make sure SHA fingerprints of the certificate(s) you're importing match the following values:

Antik Technology Class 1 CA
SHA256: EE:05:92:92:F5:20:B5:09:EB:2B:DE:94:B7:CD:03:D1:4C:2C:4E:D4:C6:E5:1D:76:2C:73:50:D0:75:F8:20:30
SHA1: 0C:44:94:C6:4B:01:70:78:1E:9C:1C:74:95:6F:13:9E:98:B6:7E:CB

Antik Technology Root CA
SHA256: 77:8B:EE:F1:15:F1:F1:46:C3:C0:C2:8F:04:6C:A0:8B:30:4C:B9:A5:94:10:A0:CF:0C:97:C6:37:30:45:9C:94
SHA1: 9A:B2:31:36:36:03:D4:4F:25:12:D0:35:A2:2B:78:4D:62:8A:8D:26

If the import was successful, your browsing of our site will now be protected by the industry standard strong security and your browser should display a green padlock or a similar sign of the verified identity in the address bar. You may need to restart your browser before the changes are visible (especially if you're using Windows).

Thank you for your cooperation. Please click here to switch to the secure version of our site.